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April 5, 2019

Club Wars Event

Sacred Gate Eroom : Mon, Wed, & Fri 8pm (PH Time)
Phoenix Eroom : Tue, Thu, & Sat 8pm (PH Time)

WarZone Event Schedule:

Daily : 9:AM, 1:PM, 5:PM 9:PM (PH Time)

Suryun Event Schedule:

Daily : 6:AM, 11:AM, 5:PM (PH Time)

Server Information

Exp: x50
Item: x10
Money: x10

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Ranpak Release Date

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Ranpak Release Date April 5, 2019

Server Features:
- 99% FREE FOR PLAY (Hindi kailangan gumastos para lumakas!)
- Episode 7 Classic
- 5 Class System
- Balance Game Play
- Low PC Requirements (No Lag)
- Free all skills
- Pet System Enable
- Bike Enable
- 90% Success Refining Rate up to +20
- 90% Success Refining Rate up to +30
- Unlocked all skills 7 up to 207 original skill
- High rate Exp/Gold/Drop with everyday BTG event (RG Game System)
- More Quest Enable
- Unlocked 5th class Gunner (Scientist Class)
- No over power/skill class like (Assassin and Extreme class)
- Max Level up to Lvl 500
- Max Refine in armors/weapons +30 in different colours
- Item Name with each rare grade (General, valuable, etc)
- more newest and oldest costume available ingame NPC
- Server Online since April 2019