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April 2019

Suryun Event Schedule:

Daily : 6:AM, 11:AM, 5:PM (PH Time)

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Exp: x10, Item: x10, Money: x10

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Merged EP5 to EP9 guidelines

admin Important Guides

Good day to all Active Ranpak Players
Ranpak Online is now merged into Episode 9.
since the ep5 was a bit boring, Ranpak management decided to upgrade to EP9 7 class and to restore vitality and livelihood of the players of the ranpak online
class available: Brawler, Swordie, Archer, Shaman, Extreme, Scientist, Assasin
Account Merged:
despite merged, accounts, characters, items, golds etc. cannot be transferred. in fact the version is different and it conflicts with the version of the files.
- In-game Item Shop
- In-game Registration
- Auto Pilot [Press F5]
- Lost City Map
- Tyranny HP Multiplier
Ranpak Management offer to all active players is to merged the following.
Account Donation Transfer from EP5 to EP9 server guide.
The only thing that can be transferred is as follows
Ep5 Donate Items = Ep9 Donate Items
VPoints = GT Points
VipPoints = Prem Points
If you are compliant with our merged rules then just follow the steps below
Step 1:
Register new account in Ranpak EP9 to register you must download the Ranpak ep9 Installer 1st in download section, Install the game and play you can regsiter your new account in Login section.
Note: make sure to us the Same Username, Passwrd and Email when you register, so you can quickly transfer your donation or points to ep9 quickly and without the confirmation process

Step 2:
Message our staff in our facebook page messenger for merged instruction and you account details will be validate for authentication.
Step 3:
All your donation in EP5 server will be converted into EP9 donate items and points.
Step 4:
Kindly please patienly wait for the Ranpak staff representative to reply in your merged or concern it may takes long due to many request messages will take longer to reply, but we will do our best to process your merged request