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Donation is not mandatory.
you can hunt or get items in-game. you can also get VPoints by Voting and Playtime Reward, there is no reason to donate not unless you have to time to vote or playing more time in-game to more VPoints. I do not have a refund or exchange item policy any donations you had made we will consider as a gift/support that will be used to maintain and keep the server online, You're not paying for any service. All donations will be used for server upgrades, server bills & maintenance to give all the players the quality of gaming they deserved.
Services Offer :
(1.) Change class Weapon service = 300php (per item)
(2.) Change Character Name = 500php
(3.) NonDrop Armor Service = 300php (per item)
(4.) NonDrop Weapon Service = 300php (per item)

VPoints Rate : 100php = 500 VPoints
EPoints Rate : 100php = 10 EPoints

For Every 500php TopUP or above (1 time transaction)
You will get additional 10% free of your donation points

For GCASH donation : 09064807092
For PAYMAYA donation : 09995066371
Smart Money to PAYMAYA donation : 09995066371
For PAYPAL donation : [email protected]
For REMITTANCE donation : Coming Soon

To claim your Gcash and Paymaya donation
Login ka sa website point to My Account> Account Function>Click TopUp, Eh topup mo yung reference number at yung amount.

Or pm me using the facebook messenger so I can help you to claim your points or donation.